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T Protein Primer

After-Color Sealer Treatment Balm

T Protein Primer 기본 정보
Volume :  130g
Target :  If the hair is not vibrant or has a lot of color fading after dyeing.
After-Color Sealer Treatment Balm

This product is a professional product for Hair Salon. It is not sold to general consumers.

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A coating system that gently fills the damaged area with a protein component similar to the hair, creating a healthy reflection light and creating a lively shine. It also helps to impart strength and elasticity to the hair.

Contains Tiare flower extract to damage hair, dry and break, and keeps hair healthy.

A simple type of protein treatment that does not wash, protects your hair by coating damaged hair with protein.


As a non-washable product
Take an appropriate amount, centered on the damaged area, and then styling.

After shampooing, lightly wash towel dry, then dry thoroughly in wet condition, then dry.

Permanent, hair color treatment, massage the damaged part of the proper amount and then apply the firm and dye.