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Dia Jewelry Shining Color

The vivid color of the four layer coating system

Dia Jewelry Shining Color 기본 정보
Volume :  550ml
Target :  Purpose of keeping hair coloring in a more vivid color, giving it shine and softness.
The vivid color of the four layer coating system

This product is a professional product for Hair Salon. It is not sold to general consumers.

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It is a new concept of diamond glitter pearl waxing that gives a gentle hair light by coating the 3D solid color of lightness and saturation according to the reflection light of the color with the four layer coating system and coatings even the damaged part of the hair more beautifully.

It is possible to keep the color of shiny and refreshed light for a long time with the die self color save function which catches the loss of the color lost when shampooing as much as possible.


1. After washing with shampoo, towel dry. (Be sure towel dry 90% or more)
2. Apply the massage cream in advance to avoid any dyes on the face line, neck line and ears.
3. Spread 1cm from the hair roots so that it does not get on your scalp.
4. After applying vinyl cap, cover with warming treatment for 20 minutes and let stand for 5 ~ 10 minutes. (It adjusts 
   the time according to the degree of coloring.)
   If left to stand for 20 minutes with a cool towel after leaving on the nature, water dropout and coloring degree 
   will increase.
5. After washing with acidic shampoo, finish.
   If it gets on your skin or clothes, it will not be erased well.